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24 Hour Ambulatory EEG

What is 24 hour Ambulatory EEG?

This is a portable EEG that you will wear for a 24 hour period to capture the electrical impulses in your brain. A patient will be required to keep a diary of activities and any events that occur during the recording period.

What to Expect

You will come into the office for application of the electrodes and be sent home with a portable EEG unit (application usually takes approximately 30 minutes). You will need to return to the office the next day to have the electrodes removed and to return the unit (this visit is approximately 15 minutes).

Preparation for Test

Wash your hair thoroughly and do not use conditioners, sprays, etc. Eat a good meal before your appointment. Avoid any drink with caffeine for 4 hours prior to test. Discontinue all sleep medications or tranquilizers 24 hours prior to test. If you take medications, continue to do so unless otherwise advised by the physician.

You will not be able to bathe or shower with the unit.